Sanibel Alpaca Face Mask

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Sanibel Alpaca Face Mask

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Sanibel Alpaca Face Mask – Cotton lined – Our PPE face mask is adjustable, reusable and washable. Alpaca is water resistant and virtually water repellant. It is also incredibly breathable so it is easier to breathe in the mask and have less heat buildup. We have a toggle on the lower elastic cording so that you can adjust the size to your own neck/chin area. Jacquard knit in 50% Alpaca and 50% Acrylic in a floral design. Machine wash cold water, mild soap, lay flat to dry or use a low dryer setting. Certified Fair Trade in Peru.

One Size Fits most

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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 7.125 × 0.5 in